Break Free From Emotional Eating

From feeling out of control around food to effortlessly stopping when satisfied

Free Live Masterclass: Wed., May 29 (Replay Available)

Noon US Central / 1 p.m. US Eastern / 7 p.m. Central EU (Paris) 

Join me for this transformative Masterclass

  • You’re committed to creating a healthier lifestyle, and stop thinking about food all the time.
  • You want more energy, want to feel fit, and want clothes to fit better around the waist.
  • You’ve tried everything, and know it’s possible to lose weight and you know it’s possible to keep it off.
  • You are ready to stop turning to food when you are not hungry and lose weight for the last time.


But you often turn to food to soothe and distract yourself from frustration, boredom or stress. 

This leads to a detrimental pattern: feeling guilt or shame after overeating, followed by promises to change, only to repeat the cycle again.

You're not just battling weight gain or health issues but also grappling with emotional turmoil and self-doubt.


This cycle ends NOW. 

I’m going to teach you how to break this cycle FOR GOOD.


I've guided many women in mid-life, like you, to break free from emotional eating, rediscover control and balance, and lose weight for good. 

Not through quick fixes or restrictive diets.

Not by ignoring emotions or suppressing cravings.

But by changing the narrative you have about yourself, your weight and your journey coupled with practical strategies and tools.


It's worked for me.

It's worked for my clients.

And it will work for you.

Client success stories



"It felt so freeing to have a different perspective. Karen pointed out things I didn't see, and I worked simple things into my nutrition and lifestyle I never would have tried. I ended up losing 20 pounds, and have kept it off.


"Karen helped me tremendously with some small, simple changes and I lost those last 5 stubborn pounds."

I'm Karen, former emotional eater

Certified Coach, I am passionate about helping other women thrive in mid-life, lose weight and never gain it back.

I used to overeat when stressed, angry, disappointed, frustrated, or feeling out of control. No longer. I lost weight in mid-life and have maintained my goal weight for over 6 years now, as have dozens of my clients, through lifestyle and mindset shifts. 

No matter where you are on your journey, the Masterclass will provide strategies you can immediately apply.

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Masterclass: Break Free From Emotional Eating

From feeling out of control around food to effortlessly stopping when satisfied