How To Reverse Mid-Life Weight Creep For Good

Learn how to release excess weight, without fad diets or restriction

Free Live Masterclass: February 27, 2024 (Replay Available)

Noon US Central / 1 p.m. US Eastern / 7 p.m. Central EU (Paris) 

Client success stories



"It felt so freeing to have a different perspective. Karen pointed out things I didn't see, and I worked simple things into my nutrition and lifestyle I never would have tried. I ended up losing 20 pounds, and have kept it off.


"Karen helped me tremendously with some small, simple changes and I lost those last 5 stubborn pounds."

What you'll learn

  • How to recognize what is REALLY keeping you stuck.

  • Strategies to help you reverse the weight creep.

  • Strategies to stay committed to your goals and unleash the healthy, fit, energized YOU.

I'm Karen, lover of all things French


American and Certified Coach, I love everything about the French lifestyle and wellness, and I’m passionate about helping other women thrive in mid-life, lose weight and learn to never gain it back.

Discover just a few of the secrets that have worked for me and thousands of French women, in this webinar.

I’ve maintained my goal weight, as have dozens of my clients, through lifestyle and mindset shifts. 

No matter where you are on your journey, the webinar will provide insights you can immediately apply.

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Masterclass: How To Reverse Mid-Life Weight Creep

Release the excess weight without fad diets or restrictions