Frustrated by the Weight Gain of Mid-life? 



The French Weigh 1:1 Coaching Program

For women wanting to lose weight and transform their health by adopting a French lifestyle with an American mindset.

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You’ve noticed the weight creeping on and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable in your body.

You’ve tried lots of ways of losing weight, but nothing seems to stick. As soon as you go back to ‘normal’...the weight comes back..

You’re tired of constantly thinking about food and your weight.

You want to find a simple solution, that helps you feel slimmer and healthier, and that KEEPS the weight off…forever.

Words From My Fabulous Clients



"I was nervous to get on a call, but felt so freeing to have a different perspective. Karen pointed out things I didn't see. I ended up losing 20 pounds, and have kept it off."


"Karen helped me tremendously with some basic habit change, I also started moving more, and lost those last 5 stubborn pounds."


"Karen has helped me set targets, stay committed to my goal, and manage negative thoughts which arise. I’m well on my way to my goal."

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Yes! you CAN feel more confident, energetic and healthy as you age...

...even if right now it doesn't feel that way.

  • The kids have finally grown up and you're ready to enjoy the adventures you've been dreaming of...

    ...but it feels like your body doesn’t have enough energy to keep up.

  • You’re trying to change your eating habits...

    …but you keep falling back into your old patterns.

  • You’re trying to stay active and be more fit…

    …but you’re out of breath, your joints ache, and you get tired quickly. 

    And spending hours at the gym just isn’t sustainable for you.

  • The emotional rollercoaster is taking its toll…

    … between bursts of motivation and deep dives into self-doubt, wondering if you'll ever feel truly happy in your skin again.


You know if you could make lifestyle changes, lose some weight and generally feel'd be able to enjoy this season of life more


What French Women Know About Staying Slim As They Get Older


When you get off a plane in France, you notice that very few people are overweight.

Recent data shows that less than 25% of French women are overweight (compared to over 40% in the US or over 30% in the UK*(source : World Obesity Federation).

While many factors contribute to this lower rate - dietary habits, lifestyle and cultural attitudes play a big role.

This is excellent news, as these are changes that can be implemented, no matter where you live.

Combined with mindset work, accountability and support…it’s possible to create new habits and a lifestyle that sticks.

Ever Wondered Why Previous  Diets Didn't Work?

Restrictive diets, unrealistic lifestyle changes and forced exercise habits just don’t stick.




Things like:

  • Obsessively counting calories to meet unrealistic calorie goals.

  • Fad diets that require you to cut out entire food groups. 

  • Constantly depriving yourself of treats.

  • Focusing on quick results rather than overall health.

  • The "Rebound" Effect...After the initial weight loss, you experience rapid weight gain once you return to your regular eating habits.

  • Fad diets might offer quick fixes, but they rarely provide long-term solutions.

  • Mental and Emotional Strain of strict rules and restrictions can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and feelings of guilt.

  •  Adopting a one-size-fits-all approach...Most diets don’t take into account individual metabolic rates, health conditions, or lifestyle factors.


But there is another, less talked about, reason that's holding you back...


The REAL Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss

When it comes to shedding pounds and keeping them off, your thoughts, mindset, and deep-rooted beliefs play an important role.

The majority of weight-loss programs zoom in on the 'how'. And while this is essential, it is only part of the puzzle.

For a transformation that sticks, it's crucial to reshape your internal narrative and motivations, to equip yourself to make better choices daily and ensure these choices become a natural part of your lifestyle.

When you pair a strong mindset with simple lifestyle changes, you can truly say goodbye to the yo-yo dieting and embrace a healthier, happier you.


Introducing The French Weigh™ 

Savor Life and Shed Pounds: The French Art of Mindful Living and Eating

For women wanting to lose weight and transform their health by adopting a French lifestyle with an American mindset.

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A Unique Hybrid Program


The program combines simple, intuitive  habits rooted in French culture, and the transformative power of personalized 1:1 coaching.

This ensures not just knowledge, but real-time coaching to help you implement, stay on track and smash your limiting beliefs.

Make change happen



Join me!

Listen in for a quick introduction into why this program is for you.

Let's talk!

Here's how we work together


  • Weekly 1:1 individualized and personalized coaching calls (60 minutes each)

    You receive undivided attention tailored specifically to your unique needs and journey, ensuring perfect alignment with your personal goals and challenges.

  •  Voxer / email access (Monday to Friday)

    You have a direct communication line to support whenever you need it during weekdays, making it easy for you to ask questions, seek clarity, get coaching, or gain insights as you progress through the program.

  • Resources to help you incorporate a new habit

    You're not only given knowledge but also actionable steps and tools to help you implement what you learn, fostering real change in your daily routine.


Are we a good fit to work together? Let’s find out! 

The first step is to book a call.

On this call I’ll see what your current habits look like, what your dieting history is about, and understand your goals and desires.

I'll show you what is possible and we can see if we are a good fit.

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It is the simple, 1% change you make every day that adds up to long-lasting results. 


Hi, I'm Karen!

Certified Coach and lover of all things French! 

As an American who has lived 3 decades in France, I feel fortunate to have had the best of both worlds.

I love everything about the French lifestyle and wellness, and I’m passionate about helping other women implement and maintain healthy changes.

I’ve maintained my goal weight through lifestyle and mindset shifts and “The French Weigh™” is the program I’ve created to share everything I’ve learned (and that works!) on this journey.

Ladies, you have 40+ years to live. Make them your best.

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A reminder of how I ensure your success when you join "The French Weigh™" private coaching and mentorship program

  • Weekly 1:1 calls: Get undivided attention for 60 minutes a week, tailored to your unique journey, and dedicated feedback and strategies custom-fit to your progress.
  • Voxer/Email Access: Questions pop up; it's natural. And guess what? I’m  here for you, every weekday, keeping the momentum going and coaching you through the challenges that come with everyday life.
  • Resources: Learn, then leap into action. Implement new habits and feel the changes with every step you take.

Four month coaching program:

 $3,300 for pay in full

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Unlock timeless French secrets to shed those pounds and savor life with more joy and confidence than ever 

 The French Weigh will help you:

  1. Reclaim your health and shape the next chapter of your life
  2.  Reconnect with yourself, rediscover your love for food, and rejuvenate your spirit 
  3. Embrace a timeless, proven lifestyle that's been keeping the French fabulously fit for generations

Say "Au Revoir" to Quick Fixes, and Hello to Simple Lifestyle Change